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The New Era of Education STEMs from Us

Eqstem inspires students, teachers, and parent by presenting a new perspective in education by transforming education for the future through technologies.

Eqstem was established in 2018, and our unique curriculum encourages students to become integrative thinkers, while training instructors to strengthen the foundation of STEM education moving forward.

Also, Eqstem continues to innovate in the field of edtech by developing a STEM education platform to maximize learning through experience.

We provide strategic consulting services to schools and educational institutions by offering a customized STEM curriculum and instructor training courses for each country, school and grade. Any questions or inquires regarding our programs, contact us: info@eqstem.org

EQSMART Curriculum

– Young Roboticists Alpha

YRA is study of robotics incorporating the core subjects of STEM as they learn how to build and program. Students Will naturally gain skills in problem solving, teamwork and leadership

– Young Technologists Alpha

YTA blends STEM subjects in coding and programming. Students Will learn to engage the user with immersive storytelling elements.

– Young Engineers Alpha

YEA naturally integrates STEM learning as it covers a broad field of study with real-world problems. Students will tackle and design solutions using the Engineering Design Process.

STEM Educator Training Course

The following STEM Educator courses are available on online!

  • Robotics Level 3
  • Coding Level 2

STEM Educator Training Course:

Robotics Level 3

In the first level of robotics, Educators are introduced to VEX IQ robotics kits and best practices using VEX IQ to engineer solutions to different problems. Educators are also introduced to graphical programming for robotics and best practices when teaching students how to program robots to move both with and without sensors. Finally,
Educators are introduced to technical drawing practices. All three of these robotics skills are combined with pedagogical practices to prepare Educators to teach robotics to elementary-aged children.

Coding Level 2

The first level of the Coding STEM Educator course, Educators are introduced to programming for young beginners using the block-based programming language, Scratch. Educators are also introduced to the basics of sketching and animation for better Scratch sprite and project development. Finally, Educators are introduced to planning and storyboarding for elementary aged children. By completing this course,
Educators will have a number of projects they can complete with students at their disposal.

Integrated STEM Level 2

In the first level of the integrative STEM Educator course, Educators will gain understanding in and practice of using the engineering design process as well as the use of the 5E lesson plan to guide STEM projects. Educators will be introduced to many resources to use in the classroom. They will also complete a project that can used in the classroom.

Our Team: Education STEMS from Us

Christina Kim, CEO & Founder

“We at Eqstem believe that happiness and success in our unpredictable world depends not only on advanced knowledge but also upon well-developed social, emotional and critical skills fostered through world-leading STEM education.”

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